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Which Mr Men character are YOU?

Take the Quiz and find out!

Mr.Men and Little Miss

Since 1971, the Mr Men characters have been thrilling children (young and old) with larger than life personalities that everyone can relate to.

Joined by Little Miss in 1981, they are loved, cherished and collected by many.

Which one are you?

Mr Rush

Question One

What is the best way to get from A-B?

  • In a straight line, preferably at high speed!
  • I usually break down and never get there anyway.
  • Without causing an accident.
  • Walking, taking in the sights and sounds.
  • On a pogo stick.

Question Two

What is your favourite pass-time?

  • MotoSport
  • Everything after waking up on a morning.
  • I never have time for anything I want to do.
  • Sitting still, in the middle of a field.
  • Making people laugh.

Question Three

Mostly you feel:

  • Hurried.
  • Irritable.
  • Clumsy.
  • Content.
  • Ridiculous and reckless.

Question Four

From the options here, which is your favourite colour?

  • Purple.
  • Blue.
  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • I hate all these colours!

Question Five

How would you describe yourself at a party?

  • I am the entertainment.
  • I don't usually go to parties.
  • I usually break something and have to leave early.
  • A social butterfly, I have to speak to everyone.
  • Contented, I always like to meet new people and catch up with old ones.

Question Six

What would your perfect date be?

  • Surprise me!
  • Anything with food.
  • One that didn't end at A & E.
  • Extreme ironing.
  • Speed dating.

Yay! You are Mr Happy!

Mr Happy whistles while he works and nothing gets him down. He lives in Happyland where his glass is always half full and all news is good news. Nothing is too much trouble and everyday is a good one. Mr happy wakes with a smile on his face and everyone loves to be his friend.

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Smile! You are Mr Grumpy!

Mr Grumpy is the grouchiest person in the world. He's always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across. He can't stand Mr Happy (or anyone else for that matter), and he is rude to everyone. Mr. Happy tells Mr. Tickle to tickle Mr. Grumpy if he is mean to somebody. This works, because it makes Mr. Grumpy nicer.

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Oops! You are Mr Bump!

Poor Mr Bump - he's always covered in bandages. He just can't avoid bumping into things. Just like Mr Clumsy, he has a hard time keeping away from catastrophe! Even when he tried really hard, things just seem to jump in his path and cause him injuries where ever he goes.

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Everyone's Friend! You are Mr Silly!

Mr Silly lives in Nonsenseland, where the trees have red leaves and the grass is blue. He is a practical joker and all the Little Miss' roll their eyes at him as he tries to impress them with his silly-ness. Mr Silly lives for today and doesn't believe in being serious. He can't sit still and just loves to make people laugh!

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Take it easy! You are Mr Rush

Mr Rush is always in a hurry. He never does anything properly. He always plans be organised but it never works out the way he intended and so he is always late for everything and in a tizzy when he finally arrives. Mr Rush likes to drive around Perth and shout at all the other drivers who are desperately trying to get nowhere in a hurry. Mr Rush needs to chill out. A lot.

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