How to make the perfect cup of tea

You can make it in a cup, or a mug or a flask if necessity warrants it. But we all know the best brew comes from the teapot.

Here's your guide to mashing mastery.

1Put the kettle on

Give your brew the attention it deserves and be sure to only boil the kettle once - this makes sure you have the right level of oxygen in the water. (Tea bag needs to breathe you know.)

Go on then, put the kettle on!

kettle cooker

2Pour a drop of boiling water into the pot

Give it a good swill to warm the pot then pour into the cups and do the same.


3Put your teabags in the pot

The golden rule: One for you, one for me and one for the pot. For loose tea-leaves use three teaspoons (for the same reason).

Teabags or leaves?

tea-bags tea-bags tea-bags
tea-pot with lid open

4Add freshly boiled water to the pot

Give it a stir and secure the lid.

Wrap your pot in a tea-cosy if it's nippy outside!

Quick Tea Fact >>

5Wait for the magic to happen

Patience now! Allow to brew for 2-5 minutes, depending on your type. White, yellow and green tea is ready in a couple of minutes, whereas black teas take 2-4 minutes. Herbal teas can take up to 6 minutes. Don't rush your pot!

While you're waiting...

6Pour yourself a cup of love. Add milk and sugar as desired.

Complement with a chocolate hob nob or dunk a ginger nut for utter contentment and happiness. Remember: A cup of tea solves everything.

tea-pot with lid closed


Your work is done here. You're a master masher. Go forth and brew.

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